Grants/Funding during the doctorate

Open Access Publications (in German only):

The availability of information plays a vital role in research. The guidelines of open access publication allow the scientists to access and publish their research results. Both Universities offer funding:

Research Grants

  • Grants for measures shaping your personal profile:Supports measures designed to strengthen the personal profile of the doctoral candidates at Kiel University who are registered at the Graduate Center by subsidizing expenses for individual qualifying measures. Deadline: At least 6 weeks before the start of the measure, but before you submit an application contact Dr. Sabine Milde.

  • Grants for research stays and conference visits: The Graduate Center supports the academic ntworking of Kiel University's doctoral candidates who are registered at the Graduate Center by subsidizing travel expenses for conference visits and research stays. The Graduate Center's funding is particularly intended for doctoral candidates who do not have the possibility of receiving 100% funding elsewhere.Not more than €500 per application. Deadline: at least 3 months before the conference starts or the research stay at a another research institution begins.

  • Grants for openaccess publications:
    The State Schleswig-Holstein has recently introduced a new funding scheme for open access publications. Junior researchers of Kiel University may now be refunded up to € 2,000 publication fees per article published in an open access journal. Please download the complete documentation and request form.

  • Grants for self- organized small workshops: Supports the early academic independence of the doctoral candidates at Kiel University who are registered at the Graduate Center by providing funding for small workshops organized by doctoral candidates and co-financed by faculties or institutes. Deadline: At least four months before the first workshop day

  • The Cluster of Excellence Inflammmation at Interfaces offers a Young Scientists Support Program.

  • The Dr. Helmut Robert Memorial: The foundation offers scholarships to Doctorate candidates of medicine, musicology and the natural sciences. The scholarship donates 36.000 Euro for two years. Deadline: every 30 April of each year

  • The Scholarship Foundation: The foundation awards scholarships to students and doctoral candidates at Kiel University. Funding is granted to candidates with a particular aptitude for academic work, substantiated in their studies and examination results. In addition to outstanding academic performance, financial need is also a selection criterion for the allocation of funds.

  • The Kiel University Foundation: Established in 1974 from individual endowments, to promote research and education. The Kiel University Foundation supports profile- enhancing performance and all aspects of academic life: lectures, conferences, congresses, projects of all the faculties and the University's communication strategy

  • Evonik Scholarships: The Evonik Foundation supports mainly students preparing doctoral, diploma and master’s theses. Each scholarship holder is assigned an advisor to answer technical questions, offer insights into practical experience and establish valuable professional contacts. And of course the Evonik Foundation helps fund the purchase of research literature and attendance of scientific congresses. Deadline: every 31 March of each year.

  • DAAD funding opportunities - overview


Search for Scholarship

  • Stipendienlotse: the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung has created an interactive platform to find a suitable scholarship by your criteria
  • mystipendium: offers different kind of scholarships for students and doctoral candidates and donates 610 million Euro with more than 2.100 entires for funding.
  • EURAXESS: informs and advises international scientists, who wish to come to Germany or go abroad to conduct research
  • DAAD: offers a wide range of scholarships and inform you how to applicate.