11. RTG Meeting Report

21 Feb, 2018

On the 22nd January 2018, the 11th RTG meeting was held in the ZMB building in Kiel.

After the welcome and general information from Eike Zell, the first guest speaker Dr. Camilo Barbosa from the department of Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics at the CAU Kiel presented his research. He showed us the evolutionary paths to bacterial antibiotic resistance upon different antibiotic treatments. A vivid discussion arose after his presentation and continued into the coffee break. After the coffee break, the second guest speaker Prof. Holger Heine, the head of Innate Immunity from the area of Asthma and Allergy at the Research Center Borstel, presented his research data. He showed the importance of RNA as an universal innate immune and inflammasome trigger.

In the afternoon, the doctoral researcher met for an organization update for the upcoming International Symposium in June 2018. The planned workshop “How to structure and write your doctoral thesis” needed to be cancelled due to sickness of the trainer.

   Lena Baumecker   &      Milda Aleknonyte Resch