18th Annual Meeting „Young Active Research in Endocrinology“

10 Nov, 2016

This year the YARE Meeting took place from the 21st till 23rd of October in Würzburg. These Meetings are only for young researchers (no professors) to present their own work (short oral presentation or poster presentation) to a small audience. It is a great opportunity for medical scientists and natural scientists to exchange ideas and to network.

The program comprised presentations only of young researchers, talks of invited speakers, a small exhibition of companies and social dinner events in the evening for networking. The topics were neuroendocrinology, adrenals, thyroid hormones and diabetes/metabolism. Each topic was about one session and had about 5 speakers (each 20 min presentation and discussion).  This was a perfect time frame to concentrate on the presentations without getting tired.

On Friday and Sunday there were two invited lectures. The first talk was of Prof. Martin Fassnacht, a medical doctor in the field of endocrinology and diabetes, with the title “Team work and enthusiasm is able to move mountains – personal experience with a long-term project”. This talk was very interesting because it was not about a research topic but about the development of his career. He told us how important it is to talk and to work with different people on a topic of interest to get a good result.

The second talk was held by Prof. Stefanie Hahner also a medical doctor in the field of endocrinology. The title of her talk was “New insights on molecular imaging of the adrenal gland”. She is working on the evaluation of Iod-Metomidate as a tracer for adrenal scintigraphy and on a possible Radio-Iod- Therapy for patients with adrenal carcinoma.

In summary this was a very informative meeting, especially to learn more about the medical background of endocrinology.

Isabelle Relling

Isabelle Relling