Chlamydien - let's explore the mouse

14 Jun, 2016

Svea Ledig, doctoral researcher in medicine of the RTG and member of the research group of Jan Rupp, Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, University of Lübeck, won one of the poster prices at "Uni im Dialog 2016" for her poster "Chlamydien - jetz gehts in die Maus". The jury consisting of a professor from the university, a teacher, a student and a pupil judged not only the design of the poster for excellent but also the personal presentation of Svea as quite understandable for the public audience visiting this event.

Uni im Dialog - Plakat 2016  "Uni im Dialog"
Every year the doctoral researchers of the University of Lübeck present their research projects to the broad public, especially to pupils of the schools in Lübeck, at St. Petri.


Foto oben: © Olaf Malzahn-PFN