General Assembly of the Doctoral Candidates

8 Apr, 2014

To all doctoral candidates of all faculties including the members of the graduate schools and doctoral programs

We, your elected respresentatives of the doctoral candidates of 2013/14 (Michael, Maren, Manja, Joscha, Lucie, Jelena, Yogi, Fan, Jaydeep and Sofya) in Executive Committee and Advisory Board of the Graduate Center (GC), organize and host this years' general assembly of all doctoral candidates.

We are representing you and are contact persons on the same level for about 2500 doctoral candidates, out of them 1700 registered as doctoral researchers at Kiel University. We take part in the decision-making process within the GC's committees to provide active support for its services. We are demanding more participation and co-decision of doctoral candidates in relevant questions and decisions, the implementation of the principles for doctorate of Kiel University to the new Doctorate Degree Regulations and a membership of one doctoral researchers in the doctorate committee of the faculties for instance.

General Assembly for all Doctoral Candidates

April 8th, 2014 at 5.00 p.m.

Leibnizstraße 1, Room 105 a/b

 Registration Procedure:

In order to help us arranging the needed room size, it would be great if you sent us %20info [at] (a short email) with subject line "General Assembly of all Doctoral Candidates".

 Topics of the General Assembly:

  • Quality management of PhD-thesis with the principles for doctorate at Kiel University: implementation of the new Doctoral Degree Regulations in all eight faculties as well as membership of one doctoral candidate in the doctoral committee of the faculties.
  • Internationalization as a source of scientific innovation: The project "Docs Build Bridges" supports the essential exchange on scientific issues as well as on cultural differences and matters of living and working at Kiel University
  • Family and PhD? Doctorate and children? Yes, it's possible! Our own family representative will inform you about the different support options.
  • Take your vote and elect your new representatives for 2014/15. You can join in. Every vote counts. Democracy alive!

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