Immunology and Bioinformatic Research on the Other Side of the Baltic Sea

5 Jul, 2017


Huge expertise in immunological bioinformatics has been gained by Morten Nielsen and his lab in more than one decade at the Technical University of Denmark located in Lyngby close to Copenhagen. To make best use out of their knowledge, the RTG 1743 financed my stay at the lab from 1 to 23 June 2017.

During these weeks I got a wide overview about the progress and actual focus in immunoinformatics. It was very helpful for me, having a non immunological background,  to get some basic impressions of the possibilities of developing and using bioinformatic tools for tasks like vaccine development or cancer treatment.

Further I had some fruitful discussions with Morten Nielsen about my own project. Unfortunately, my visit was already over the moment I got deeper into detailed discussion with other scientist of the department.

Additionally I visited professor Søren Buus at the University of Copenhagen. He explained the technology and possibilities of performing high-resolution mapping to me. As they are going to perform some experiments for us, we discussed the details of the study design for the experiments.

For sure these lab visits will facilitate the collaboration with both labs.

Every day I enjoyed the wonderful Danish nature next to the Baltic Sea while cycling to the university.

Mareike Wendorff  Mareike Wendorff