Kieler Woche and Science - worthwhile experience about talking to the general public

21 Jun, 2017


This year I had the pleasure to present at the Kieler Uni live tent during the “Kieler Woche”. On the 18th of June, at 4pm, I gave a 10 minutes talk in the contest of the “Science show” program of the university of Kiel. Thank to this program, mainly PhD but also master students have the possibility of developing their presentation skills and at the same time of sharing scientific knowledge about their work, with the public.

After some weeks of preparation about different aspects of presenting, it was great to give my talk at Kieler Woche. The title of my presentation was:“Tranplants: finding the perfect donor match. A matter of outfit…” and I tried to explain, by using a simple metaphor to simplify concepts, the genetics of the Major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which stays behind the compatibility between individuals for organ and bone marrow transplants and which plays a role in many diseases.

It was a very good experience as I had the possibility to improve and develop my presentation style and, at the same time, to learn to present in front a non-academic audience.

I hope I will be given the chance to repeat this kind of experience in the future.

Elisa Rosati  Elisa Rosati