KLS Postdoc Award for Dr. Elisa Rosati

5 Feb, 2021

Dr. Elisa Rosati former associated doctoral researcher of the RTG 1743 and now associated scientist supervising together with Andre Franke the doctoral project of Johannes Gigla was awared a Kiel Life Science KLS Award for Early Career Postdocs 2020 in the category Med. The price money was 6,000 €.

At Kiel University, Kiel Life Science KLS bundles the expertise from the disciplines of bioinformatics, environmental genetics, agricultural sciences, evolutionary biology and genetic research, plant breeding and animal husbandry, food sciences and evolutionary medicine. The participating research groups are well connected beyond the boundaries of the disciplines and institutes.

The postdoc award has been awarded since 2016 in two categories (Med and Non-Med). The requirements for applying are:

  • Research activities must be focused on medical or non-medical life sciences
  • Application max. 3 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant)
  • Outstanding doctoral thesis
  • Excellent research quality
  • Postdoc must be working in a KLS member institute or clinic

Here is what Elisa says about the project and the award:
“I applied for the award because I thought it would have helped me move forward with my main project, which was my PhD project and it now continuing in my PostDoc. We found a very interesting and promising T cell marker which seems to be specific for Crohn's disease but not for Ulcerative colitis. We are now proceeding with further characterisation of this marker and the award money will be used in this sense. Since we want to have a clear and specific phenotype, we are going to do single-cell sequencing, which is a really cool but really expensive technology and therefore this award is very much appreciated in order to be able to analyse more samples with this technology.
In parallel, we think this finding has a good potential for clinical use and one follow-up project is going to explore this possibility. 
So there is quite a lot going on starting from this project, and I am very much looking forward to see what the final result will be! I thank KLS for the possibility it gives to young scientists to obtain their own small fundings to proceed with their scientific projects.”