Lab-Visit at the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf UKE

28 Sep, 2017

From August 21st until September 01st I visited the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. I worked in the group “Cellular Lipid Metabolism” of Professor Jörg Heeren. His group is working on abnormalities in the postprandial lipoprotein metabolism that could cause insulin-resistance and diabetes mellitus type 2.

My supervisor for these two weeks was Dr. Anna Worthmann. She is working on a project about metabolic liver inflammation and I did some experiments for this project.

The first part of my work was an experiment with mice. Thereby I got insights to the whole process from getting the mice from the animal facility, daily feeding and checking the mice to the tissue and organ harvesting at the end of the experiment. That part was very interesting for me because I never worked with mice before.

The second part of my work was the immune-detection of proteins from mice-liver. I prepared protein-extracts from frozen liver-tissue and learned a new method for quantifying the extracts. After quantification I separated the proteins by SDS-PAGE and blot them on a membrane by wet blot. This was also new for me because so far I just worked with the semi-dry blot technique. For the protein detection I established the protocol for an antibody which was not used before in this lab.

It was very interesting to work in another lab and to see how they perform certain methods and techniques because in each lab they are done slightly different. Additionally I get very helpful tips to improve some methods I am working on for my own project and we are now establishing one technique I learned in Hamburg in our own lab.

In summary the lab visit was a perfect opportunity to get in contact and to network with other scientists.

Isabelle Relling   Isabelle Relling