Making Health Measurable with a Blood Test

12 Sep, 2017

More than a million Euros for a new EU project under Kiel leadership.

In future, medicine would like to take preventive action to an ever greater degree. Measuring methods which indicate a change from "healthy" to "sick" are therefore becoming increasingly important for scientists. These research approaches are also something that is being focused on in the Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces". The European Union (EU) is now funding a project under the leadership of the Kiel physician Professor Matthias Laudes, in which biomarkers will be researched which make the status of "healthy" measurable. The researchers expect the first results to be available in about three years. This is also the funding period for the project, which will receive more than one million Euros. More information on the webpage of the Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation at Interfaces”

Prof. Laudes is supervisor of two doctoral researchers (Isabelle Relling, Carina Kreutzer) within the RTG 1743 and an important expert in clinical nutrition and metabolic medicine for the RTG network.