New Officer for Diversity at Kiel University

28 Feb, 2018

Since 1 December 2017 Ms. Sandra Elstner is Kiel University's Officer for Diversity.

She represents the interests of doctoral candidates and, within the framework of planning and organising studies and teaching, research, further education and administration, she is a contact person for removing barriers and disadvantages that still exist in studies, teaching, research and administration.

In her role as officer for diversity she offers anti-discrimination consultation sessions for doctoral candidates at Kiel University in order to further equal opportunities, educational equality and inclusion.

She advises and supports Kiel University doctoral candidates who have experienced disadvantages or discrimination based on
- origin and their ethnic groups,
- gender,
- age,
- sexual orientation and identity,
- disability or
- religion and ideology
as well as on because of social background or socio-economic status.

Please arrange an appointment for a consultation by calling this number: 0431 - 880 7000 or by e-mail: antidiskriminierungsberatung [at]

The consultation will be handled confidentially!