Online: Career day for doctoral researcher and Multi-omics host-pathogen interaction

26 Jan, 2021

Due to the ongoing Corona-crisis, the 10th RTG1743 meeting was conducted on the 25 of January 2021 via the online platform Zoom.

The career session was opened by Oberstarzt PD Dr. Wölfel, head of the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology in Munich. In his presentation he explained the unique structure of this institute and their primary mission to protect soldiers from biological threats. He also gave us some examples of how members of the armed forces and civil researchers work together, e.g. in order to develop simple but powerful diagnostic tools for rare diseases, that can be applied under the conditions in conflict zones.

The second talk was given by PD Dr. Balkema-Buschmann, deputy head of the Institute of Novel and Emerging Infectious Diseases (INNT) at the Island of Riems. During her presentation she gave us detailed insides into the highly specialized facilities and the rich history of this special working place. She also illustrated what it means to work under BSL 3 and BSL 4 conditions with zoonotic diseases and rather unconventional animal models, such as bats and cows.

The 10th RTG meeting started with Prof. Franke, spokesperson of the RTG 1743, updating all RTG1743 members about the current “Corona” situation and its impact on doctoral researcher´s life and their research projects. This was followed by an active discussion that addressed concerns and questions of the junior scientists regarding funding and external lab visit. Next, Prof. Uwe Völker, from University of Greifswald presented his recent work regarding the integration of multiple omics layers to understand host-pathogen interactions. He illustrated how proteomics and transcriptomics can be deployed to reveal the complex relationship between the host and the pathogen at the molecular level. In the second “talks session” two doctoral researchers; Alba Troci and Eike Matthias Wacker, and a medical-doctoral researcher; Simon Imm gave an introductory 5/10 minutes talk about themselves and their project.

Stephan Schneiders and Hesham ElAbd