Research Award for Artem Vorobyev

16 Mar, 2018

Dr. med. Artem Vorobyev was awarded the Dr. Kurt und Eva Hermann-Stipendium of the Alfred-Marchionini-Stiftung endowed with 10,000 € at 20th January, 2018 in Hamburg.
Dr. Vorobyev is researching the influence of genetic predisposition and nutrition on the pathogenesis of auto immune diseases at the Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology, LIED. He found that the genetic predisposition, which leads to the development of auto-immune diseases, can be influenced by nutritional interventions.
Dr. med. Vorobyev, who started his medical education in Russia, has been member of the RTG since 2012, first funded as doctoral researcher, later on with a start-up funding for excellent junior scientists and now as an associated member. After having gained the approval as medical doctor in Germany he in parallel is working on his doctoral thesis to gain the doctorate in natural sciences. At the moment he is holding a Gerok rotation position within the Clinical Research Group 303.