RTG at kieler uni live - Kieler Woche 2014

23 Jun, 2014


The Research Training Group RTG "Genes, Environment and Inflammation" was represented at the event "kieler uni live" at the Kieler Woche 2014 by its speaker, Prof. Andre Franke, and by a doctoral researcher, Priyadarshini Kachroo.

Priyadarshini Kachroo, Science Show Kieler Woche 2014On Saturday, 21 June, Professor Franke talked about "Bacteria in the gut - friend or foe?" Ms Kachroo chaught the audience on Sunday, 22 June by explaining why care for each other and, of course, also for oneself, is an important factor to stay healthy. The challenge for both scientists was to report about their work in simple words, as the audience consisted of a wide range of people from all groups of the guests of the Kieler Woche. "It has been a good experience to see from the questions of the people that they understood what I had been talking about", said Priya Kachroo afterwards.

As the doctoral researchers use a lot of offers of the Graduate Center of Kiel University, for example the soft skill courses and special trainings, the RTG supported this year's science show at the Kieler Woche.

Science Show - Kiel University - Kieler Woche 2014