First large genome wide study – Team of RTG speaker identifys first gene variants associated with severe Covid-19

17 Jun, 2020
IKMB lab and analyst team, work group Prof. Dr. Andre Franke, © UKSH, photo: Maximilian Hermsen The ABO blood group is associated with severe Covid-19. Why do some people become severely ill of Covid-19, while others are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms? One answer could be found in the different...

Poster prices for Finn Hinrichsen and Gabriela Rios Martini

27 Feb, 2020
Two doctoral researchers of the RTG1743 “Genes, Environment and Inflammation” received prices for their posters at the 7. International Cluster Symposium “Inflammation Medicine – From Bench to Bedside” of the Excellence Cluster EXS2167 “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI)” held in Hamburg, February 17-18 th , 2020. Finn Hinrichsen received...