Gut bacteria as an approach to the treatment of chronic intestinal inflammation

17 Dec, 2019
DFG funds new research group "miTarget" at Kiel University with seven million euros miTarget consists of nine individual research projects, each dealing with partial aspects of the topic. A subproject deals, for example, with changes in the microbiome during pregnancy and the influence of these changes on the further course...

Kiel Christmas Market

4 Dec, 2019
Docs Get-Together (Graduate Center Kiel) and M.O.I.N! (Meeting Other Interesting New People) meet at the Christmas Market (steps in front of the Opera House) on December, 4 th , 7 pm. Let the traditional food and hot drinks warm you up in a cosy and festive atmosphere! Remember to bring...

A lot of sugar and many fats lead to severe kidney inflammation in animal experiments - study published in Nature Communications

17 Oct, 2019
Gene-diet interactions associated with complex trait variation in an advanced intercross outbred mouse line An international research team coordinated by the University of Lübeck has published a new study on the influence of diet on genetic association. Genetic association means the coexistence of certain genetic traits with a frequency more...