Docs Get-Together

22 May, 2014
Our next “ Docs Get-Together ” will be on Thursday, May 22, starting from 8:15 p.m. in the Erbse (Calvinstraße 20). You are very welcome to join us already at 7:45 p.m. in front of the International Center from where we will go together to the Erbse. You are cordially...

14th Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Spring School in Bertinoro (Italy), April 2014

5 May, 2014
As every year, the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich organized a systems biology and bioinformatics spring school in Bertinoro in Italy. Financed by the RTG 1743 “Genes, Environment and Inflammation”, we (Wei-Hung Pan and Simon Graspeuntner) took part in this 5 days lasting course aiming to deepen our knowledge and gather...

Poster presentation at the 42nd annual European Mathematical Genetics Meeting (EMGM) 2014

25 Apr, 2014
This year, on April 1-2, the EMGM was hosted by Cologne Center for Genomics (CCG), Köln, Germany. I got an opportunity to present my project “Exploiting linkage disequilibrium to detect GxE interactions in case-only studies” at this conference. For the first time, I had a chance to discuss my project...

Career paths after PhD in Germany and their legal ramifications

24 Apr, 2014
An event targeting early career scientists at Kiel University In Germany academic career tracks are, for the most part, based on non-permanent employment contracts. This employment situation often lasts for many years and usually involves a number of consecutive contracts. There are several legal provisions regulating this employment situation, leaving...

Wissenschaftsphiliosophie fürDoktorand_innen aller Wissenschaftsrichtungen

11 Apr, 2014
Sorry, in German only Prof. Christine Blättler ist seit 2011 Professorin für Wissenschaftsphilosophie am Philosophischen Seminar der CAU Kiel. 50% ihres Lehrdeputats stellt sie im Rahmen des Graduiertenzentrum für die Graduiertenausbildung zur Verfügung. In jedem Semester werden zwei Seminare angeboten, die allen im Graduiertenzentrum registrierten Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden der CAU...