Statistical methods in relatedness and pedigree analysis

4 Feb, 2020

NORBIS, the Norwegian Graduate Research School in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Systems Biology, offered this course from January 06 – 10, 2020 at the Medical Faculty of University of Oslo, Norway. The instructors were Dr. Magnus Dehli Vigeland (University of Oslo) and Prof. Thore Egeland (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

About 25 people attended the course, which included Professors, doctoral candidates, master students and professionals working in the field of forensic genetics. It was a pleasant experience to meet people from different research backgrounds and nationalities.  The course took place at Domus Medica, a part of Oslo University Hospital is well connected to the historic city centre.

The course introduced the concepts of genetic relatedness and pedigree analysis using different statistical methods with a focus on their applications in medical linkage analysis, relatedness inference and forensic genetics. The first few introductory sessions dealt with classical concepts and methods of statistical genetics with hands-on exercises. It was followed by different applications of pedigrees and relatedness in forensic genetics and linkage analysis in medical genetics. The topics covered were useful in one of the projects that I am involved in which deals with family-based genetic data. It not only provided an introduction but also specific and detailed perspectives in relatedness analyses.

Domus Medica on a cold Oslo morning, photo: RTG 1743, Arunabh Sharma