Succesfull grant approval for doctoral researchers of the RTG

7 May, 2020

In January 2020, the DFG Research Training Group (RTG) 1743, provided the unique opportunity to acquire extra funding. All doctoral researchers being member of the RTG could apply for a minimum of 30,000 up to a maximum of 50,000 € funding for a short proposal. Doctoral researchers from at least two or more RTG projects working in different disciplines could apply for this funding. One of the junior scientists has to take the role of the primary principle investigator.

The aim of this offer are…

  • to enhance the scientific collaboration within the RTG,
  • to widen interdisciplinary skills of the doctoral researchers and
  • to give the doctoral researchers the opportunity to practice
    • writing a proposal and
    • coordinating a small research project of their own.

Four proposals have been submitted and reviewed by two external reviewers and two members of the supervisory board. The results were pretty clear, all of the proposals received good scores. However, there were two first places and two second places. Both 1st and 2nd winners were close from the score. Therefore, the overall funding budget was devided between the four groups giving all of them the chance to make this experience. Here they are:

Mini-Proposal 1 – budget: 35,000 €

NextGen Immunology: Modeling microbial HLA-II peptidomes and identification of disease-relevant T cell epitopes using artificial intelligence and immunopeptidomics
Hesham El Abd, Dora Bordoni, Celeste Scholz, Elisa Rosati, Gabriela Rios-Martini, Ann-Kristin Kamps

Mini-Proposal 2 – budget: 35,000 €

Bacterial metabolite butyrate links mitochondrial metabolism and cell death in colitis via repression of Hk2
Finn Hinrichsen, Katharina Koethke, Arunabh Sharma, Jacob Hamm, Anna Schaade, Lena Schröder

Mini-Proposal 3 – budget: 15,000 €

Investigation of the commensal mycobiota in the murine genital tract – genetic, hormonal and environmental impact on the murine vaginal mycobiome
Celeste Scholz, Anna Lara Ernst, Gabriela Rios-Martini

Mini-Proposal 4 – budget: 15,000 €

Analysis of CD137 function in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Jana Seidel, Gabriela Rios-Martini

Congratulations and success for your teamwork!