Why we should exercise, eat healthy and love each other

16 Nov, 2013


During this year’s Night of the Profs at Kiel University our doctoral researcher, Priyadarshini Kachroo, Institut für Klinische Molekularbiologie, Kiel, gave an impressing talk under the header “From Genome to Epigenome” about the influence of environmental factors on the decoding of genetic information.

Priyadarshini Kachroo, Night of the Profs, 2013She told the story of two baby rats of whom one received a lot of care by her mother, the other one not.  Ms Kachroo explained quite vivid how external influences open or block the receptors that allow the decoding of the genes.  In case of the rats the one who lived under stress because she was left alone couldn’t show empathy for other creatures. And what is amazing, scientists are able to read the reasons for this behavior from the epigenome. Caused by the stress the chemical epigenetic marks, block the function of important genes. 

At the end of her talk Ms Kachroo appealed to the audience to take care that they live healthy and care for each other, for this gives a stable basis of staying healthy.

At the Science Show of the “Future Profs at Night” young scientists get the chance to improve their presentation skills. Ms Kachroo took her chance and succeeded for the first time talking to a big audience of people with diverse backgrounds. Congratulations!