Principal Investigator of the RTG Coordinates Million Euros Project in Inflammation Research

19 Jan, 2017
The international consortium of the new European research project SYSCID (“A systems medicine approach to chronic inflammatory disease“) aims to develop a personalised medicine approach for inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. The project coordinated by Philip Rosenstiel , Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, IKMB, at Kiel...

Genome-wide host-microbiome association analyses in the general German population

2 Dec, 2016
Canadian artists summarized every talk on a white board. Andre Franke , speaker of the RTG 1743, was invited to give a talk at the Connaught International Symposium 2016, presented by GEMINI Connaught Program and Department of Immunology, University of Toronto on Nov 21-22 at the historic Hart House. The...

Plant bioactives and different rythms of food supply influence inflammatory diseases

25 Nov, 2016
5th Internal meeting of the RTG1743 In our 5th Internal meeting we had the opportunity to listen to talks of Prof. Christian Sina and Dr. Anika Wagner. Both of them are experts from the University of Lübeck in the nutritional medicine field with emphasis on the molecular gastroenterology, which is...

Workshop - Good Scientific Practice

16 Nov, 2016
The workshop ‘’Good Scientific Practice’’ that took place on 14th / 15th November, 2016 in Lübeck was very interesting since it covered many topics that all PhD students should know about. The main points that the workshop dealt with were: the meaning of good scientific practice, awareness about scientific misconduct,...

The ID_Week 2016 in New Orleans

7 Nov, 2016
The international conference in the field of Infectious Diseases (IDWeek) took place from 26th -30th October in New Orleans, United States, this year. More than 6,000 international researchers attended and exchanged their knowledge in the fields of bacteria and viruses from the lab and clinics. The translational meeting was hosted...

1st RTG-retreat of the second generation of doctoral researchers – A big step ahead but still some more to go

19 Sep, 2016
Our first retreat took place in Weissenhäuser Strand from the 14 th to the 15 th of September 2016. During the first day all doctoral researchers gave a presentation regarding their doctoral project´s progress and the achievements that they reached after the first year of their doctorate. On the second...