Alexandra Le Mao, née Breuer

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, Kiel Germany
Dr. med.
Alexandra Le Mao, née Breuer

Why this profession?

After having finished school in 2010, i had to make a decision whether i wanted to study human medicine or biochemistry. I chose medicine as i wanted to combine the biochemical background with clinical experience. However, in 2014 i started an experimental doctorate thesis in Prof. Rosenstiel´s group. The main motivation for me, to move from the clinical life to the laboratory was my personal contact to people with autoimmune, inflammatory diseases during my education in the hospital. Those diseases origins are insufficiently indentified, so that there is no curative treatment for the moment. In my opinion, weCopy need much more information about the complexity of immunological pathways.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

The RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation combines the clinical manifestation of autoimmune diseases with their etiology, as genetics as well as the environment are known to be important factors for the development of chronic inflammatory diseases.

It is a great opportunity to work in a group with excellent and motivated scientists from different fields of research and to benefit from each other’s knowledge and skills. Receiving constructive feedback on my own project and a different point of view through the interdisciplinary exchange, seem to me the best conditions for a successful work.


- research area: Immunological pathways

- special position: Medical research student 2014/15, since 2015 associated