Alina Hohmuth

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Why this profession?

I have always been interested in science. During my early high school years, I started doing internships at several laboratories for fundamental research and prenatal diagnostics. I chose to study human medicine and biology to obtain a broad scientific education and more understanding. In 2013, I completed my diploma thesis in biology in Würzburg on “The role of keratinocytes in the intraepidermal growth of axons” and graduated the same year. While working at the hospital during my medical studies, I experienced the need for more effective therapies for many diseases. My main motivation for going into research and becoming a physician is to gain knowledge and, through research, perhaps be able to improve therapeutic treatments so as to help patients in their everyday lives.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

I chose to study biology and medicine so as to understand the molecular mechanism of the human body and the influence of the interaction with the environment. Especially the interaction between genes, the environment and inflammation has always been of strong interest to me. The RTG unites these aspects and provides a wonderful chance for me to dig deeper into these interactions by collaborating with specialists from different scientific fields. I would like to improve my skills in planning and carrying out research projects by means of the interdisciplinary network. Joining this outstanding team of scientists is a great opportunity for me.