Anna Lara Ernst

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Anna Lara Ernst
annalara.ernst [at]

Why this profession?

During my Bachelor studies in Biology at the University in Kiel from 2010 until 2013 I grew into this interesting field of science enjoying all different areas of it. Due to my interest in foreign languages and culture I had the chance to look into University life in China at the Zhejiang University of Hangzhou. That was where I decided to join the Master program Infection Biology at the University of Lübeck, a field which is linking medicine to biology. The Experimental Dermatology is a widely ranged research area, where I just enjoy to explore all different kinds of molecular techniques as well as the planning and supervision of projects. I enjoy every day with what I am doing.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

The influence of genes and environmental factors to autoimmune diseases and inflammation in general is a hot research topic and gives you lots of opportunities and insights to interactions in Health and Disease. The RTG gives the benefit of interaction with other young researchers who aim for similar achievements in science. In addition, an international exchange of knowledge can help to widen the spectrum of existing knowledge itself.