Annika Stüwer

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Institute for Experimental Medicine, University of Kiel
Annika Stüwer
stuewer [at]

Why this profession?

Recently, I graduated from the program: ‘Selective Medical Master Utrecht’ (SUMMA) in the Netherlands. This program is designed for medical students who share an interest in medicine and medical research. Being educated in both medicine and research provides me with a broad educational background that facilitates my participation in medical research settings. During my clinical internships at various hospitals, I experienced the shortcomings of medical treatments in several diseases. While being involved in a short research internship at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, I participated in the project ‘Tissue Engineering the Small Intestine, Finding a Cure for Short-Bowel Syndrome’, which could provide an outlook for patients with short bowel syndrome. At the Karolinska Institute, I gained basic practical experience, which I will enhance during my research period at the Institute for Experimental Medicine. Through my involvement in medical research I want not only to be involved in patient care, but also to contribute to progress in science and aid the development of new treatment options for diseases that are currently insufficiently treated.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

Being accepted to this international and interdisciplinary research environment offers me great opportunities . Being actively involved in research provides me with skills to help critically evaluate research papers and assess their value for medical practice. During my research period, I will be taught not only various laboratory skills, but also skills such as scientific writing and presentation. Furthermore, I will benefit from the high-level scientific exchange during lab meetings, workshops and conferences. These skills and experience will form an invaluable basis for participating in and carrying out future research projects.