Astrid Dempfle

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Institute of Medical Informatics and Statistics, University of Kiel
Research Area:
Genetic Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Medical Statistics
Prof. Dr. rer. physiol.
Astrid Dempfle
dempfle [at]
+49 (0) 431 / 500 - 30 705
Researcher ID: D-1513-2012

Why this profession?

After studying mathematics with a focus on statistics in Gießen (Germany) and Montpellier (France), I started as a doctoral researcher in the Genetic Epidemiology Group at the Institute of Epidemiology Helmholtz Center in Munich in order to pursue the application of statistical methods to research in life science and particularly in the genetic epidemiology of complex diseases. I finished my PhD at the Medical Faculty of the University of Marburg on “meta-analysis of genetic linkage studies”. Before spending the next few years as a scientist in Marburg, where I enjoyed working in close collaboration with clinical partners, in particular in child and adolescent psychiatry (ADHD, eating disorders, obesity and regulation of body weight and height) and psychiatry (affective disorders, personality disorders), both for genetic epidemiologic and clinical studies. My habilitation was on statistical methods for the analysis of gene-environment interactions. Since October 2014, I have a professorship for Statistical Genetics at the University of Kiel and am Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Informatics and Statistics.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

This research training group provides a great opportunity for interdisciplinary research and mentoring talented young scientists. The focus of this project will be on the development, critical evaluation and application of statistical methods for specific study designs for the investigation of gene-environment interactions.