Britt Marie Hermes

Why this profession?

I am interested in the complex interplay between environmental and genetic factors driving human health and disease, especially chronic inflammatory disorders. I completed my MSc at Kiel University in the Medical Life Sciences program under the supervision of Prof. Dr. John Baines and Prof. Dr. Andre Franke. My master’s thesis project explored the relationship between Parabacteroides species in mammalian gut microbiomes and genetic variation of their hosts. This project ignited a passion for understanding how this host-microbe interplay might be related to inflammation and manipulated for therapeutic purposes. My work within the RTG will focus on the interaction between commensal skin microbiota and host genetic variation and its influence on chronic inflammation. 


Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

I was drawn to Research Training Group 1743 for its well-rounded and comprehensive doctoral program in biomedical research. The interdisciplinary organization of the RTG provides a unique environment for studying the role of the microbiome in human health. I look forward to working within this collaborative network of interdisciplinary researchers.