Carina Knappe, née Kreutzer

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Department of Inner Medicine I, University of Kiel
Carina Knappe, née Kreutzer
carina.kreutzer [at]
+49 (0) 431 / 500 - 22 448

Why this profession?

Five years ago, I began to study in the field of biology at the Christian-AlbrechtsUniversity in Kiel, Germany. My motivation was my strong interest in small molecular changes within a cell or even a gene, which can lead to drastic changes in the complex development and homoeostasis of an organism. As my scientific education proceeded, I learned not to focus solely on a host organism itself, but to comprehend an organism and its surrounding environment as a permanently interacting and co-evolving unit. After completing my Master’s degree, I was looking forward to joining a research team which works in an applied field of science with perspectives on both genetics and environmental factors. By combining my biological interests and bioinformatic skills, I now contribute to medical research in Professor Laudes’ group. Being part of his group gives me the opportunity to investigate the link between inflammation and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

The Research Training Group "Genes, Environment and Inflammation" represents an interdisciplinary platform for scientific exchange, which will continuously accompany my PhD project. To me, the regular exchange with other scientists is important, because it provides the opportunity not only to share ideas and experiences, but also to profit from each other’s know-how in laboratory practice as well as in computer knowledge. Additionally, my scientific communication skills will automatically improve while working together with other people. Finally, constructive feedback from the other RTG members will help place my project in the right frame of the overall subject.