Elisa Rosati

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, Kiel University
Dr. rer. nat.
Elisa Rosati
e.rosati [at] ikmb.uni-kiel.de
+49 (0) 431 / 500 - 15 164

Why this profession?

Many questions in medicine and biology still don’t have an answer. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to study biology, because I liked the idea of discovering something new and of a life dedicated to a continuous learning process. In particular, I choose molecular biology, curious to find out more about the “extremely small” part of biology. While I was studying my interest grew up with me and it focused on more specific topics. One of these is the immune system. Its capacity to protect the organism from external and internal threats always seemed impressive to me, so I was looking forward to work with it a bit more in detail and I am glad I have been given this possibility here in the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

I always considered collaboration a milestone of the scientist job. Learning about the fascinating topic of inflammation, directly from and with people which carry on research on various aspects of the topic, is a great opportunity. The RTG “Genes, Environment and Inflammation” allow both a collaborative and information-sharing environment combined with focused young scientists training which, together, form a powerful alliance.