Felix Wottawa

Why this profession?

Having always been fascinated by the complexity of human anatomy and physiology in health or disease, I completed two internships at the UKSH while still in highschool. This led me to start studying medicine after highschool in order to be able to learn about and deal with complex diseases.
As the medical field is very broad and one is offered a great variety of possible occupations, after completing the preclinical studies, I decided to perform a Medical Doctor (MD) thesis in order to gain a deeper insight into medical research. Basically, since also the curriculum is constructed of a multitude of disciplines, normally one does not have the opportunity to learn much about medical research. On the contrary, facing the great amount of still poorly understood diseases and lacking appropriate therapy options for these, it has to be emphasized that medical research will rise to evermore importance in the future. Because I believe that this huge task will be difficult to do without medical doctors, I chose the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB) for completing my thesis in order to earn some basic experience in medical research.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

Once I had started my thesis at the IKMB, I quickly realized how much of an advantage an interdisciplinary platform provides e.g. through discussing your own or other’s projects or earning new abilities in soft skill/methods workshops. Alltogether, this RTG offers a whole new opportunity by providing additional education and training and thereby greatly supports my work on my thesis.

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