Gesine Hoppenstedt

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Gesine Hoppenstedt

Why this profession?

I am a recent med school graduate and was looking for an interesting field to work in. I chose medicine as a career, because I wanted to know about human physiology and pathologies and their treatment. I also like to meet different people and hear their stories. My interests were mainly in the field of gastroenterology and infectious diseases. Especially in the balance between high-level research and clinical work is really fascinating for me, which is possible at the IKMB where I am now working on my dissertation on medical diagnostics using high throughput next-generation sequencing.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

RTG is a great opportunity not only to get into research, but also for getting to know other students, exchanging knowledge, solving problems and working together as a team. It is a pleasure to work with PhD students from other fields and many different countries.