Jacob Hamm

Why this profession?

My interest in medicine rose during an internship at a university hospital during school. I was fascinated by the variety of tasks of the physicians, the many different disciplines and the broad perspectives you have as a medical student. I wanted to do something which seemed meaningful to me as well as working with people and therefore decided to apply for medicine after I finished school.

Even though modern medicine has reached a high standard there are still some diseases which are only partly understood. Medical science thus is an incredibly interesting field. Having the opportunity to participate in a scientific project is a chance to develop both scientific skills and detailed knowledge about the pathophysiology of specific diseases.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

Having a background like the RTG during a doctoral study is extremely helpful in my opinion. The ability to look into different directions and to connect to other young scientists as well as developing soft skills in workshops is very enriching. Secondly inflammatory bowel disease raised my interest during my first years of university, being a complex group of diseases with an incompletely understood pathophysiology. The combination of an interesting topic, the good atmosphere and support led to my application for the RTG.