Juliane Brandes

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Department of Internal Medicine I, University Kiel
Juliane Brandes
juliane.brandes [at] uksh.de

Why this profession?

Already at school, I was fascinated about the mechanisms in human body. This fact brought me to choose biology as one of my main courses. With enthusiasm I have learned basics of neurobiology and immunolgy etc. and it made me realize very soon that I would like to get more knowledge about the human body and its molecular processes. So I first had a three years education as an alternative practitioner in Munic with topics like human physiology, pathology. Based on this, I specialized with a five years study of nutritional science at University in Kiel. During my whole education, I noticed, that it is a pleasure for me to do research work to understand different molecular processes and to put them into context.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

Since it is one of my attributes to feel the impulse to understand things in detail and so to do research work, I decided to start my profession as a doctoral candidate. In combination with the Research Training Group „Genes, environment, inflammation“, I get the chance to exchange experiences and know-how with other PhDs and to modify my work at laboratory, my presentation -and research skills. On the basis of the multidisciplinarity, our team benefits from each other. As it is my ambition in future to work with people, who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases, the RTG 1743 is the perfect qualification to get more insights and expertise.