Junping Yin

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Institute of Experimental Dermatology, University of Lübeck
Junping Yin
Junping.Yin [at] uksh.de
+49 (0) 451 / 310 - 184 55

Why this profession?

I have always been interested in scientific research. When I was an undergraduate student at Harbin Medical University, I studied at the Microbiology Department. During this period, I read a lot of papers and did some basic experiments. I found that I was very interested in research work. Therefore, after getting my Bachelor’s degree, I went to Xiamen University to study further, focusing on autoimmunity and autoimmune disease. The initiation factors and pathogenesis of autoimmune disease is not clear, but mainly due to genetics, immunity and environment. Thus, investigating genes, environment and inflammation will hopefully provide deeper insights into the pathogenesis of the disease, including skin disease.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

The Research Training Group “Genes, Environment and Inflammation” provides a platform for the investigation of the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases and offers good training as a scientific researcher. The project, "Host genome-microbiota interaction and its influence on chronic inflammation in the mouse" gives me the opportunity to  study the microbiota, the interaction between host genome and microbiota, and the influences on the disease.
Another reason for my decision was my stay as a visiting student at Professor Saleh Ibrahim’s lab in September 2014. During those three weeks, I was deeply impressed by the scientific environment, well-equipped facilities, friendly people and powerful team.