Kristina Schlicht

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Department of Internal Medicine I, University Kiel
Dr. agr.
Kristina Schlicht
Kristina.Schlicht [at]
+49 (0) 431 / 500 - 22 448

Why this profession?

Ever since school, I have been interested in the science of living things in all its aspects and I also wished to live by the sea. Consequently, I decided to study biology and moved to Kiel because the University offers a specialization in biological ocean science. During my studies and later my PhD project I found myself increasingly drawn toward molecular genetics and the necessary statistical methods as a research topic. I currently combine those interests in my postdoc phase, during which I mainly focus on the interface of different types of Omics data, metabolic processes and inflammatory diseases.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

The advent of high-throughput technologies led to many opportunities in the research of inflammatory diseases but also comes with many challenges. I believe that interdisciplinary research groups like the RTG are best equipped to handle these challenges and to generate useful knowledge regarding the interaction of genetic and environmental factors in inflammation. The RTG also provides an excellent opportunity to work with young researchers with diverse backgrounds.