Lina Welz

Why this profession?

In school my first main interests were languages, arts and economics. There was a time when I considered starting a dual education system at a bigger financial institution. Looking back, I was lucky to not get in - it forced me to reconsider plans. As I meanwhile had developed an (admittedly little nerdy) penchant for reading biology textbooks, I decided to do a special assignment (“Besondere Lernleistung”) for my A levels, which consisted of an internship and an essay at the Department of Biochemistry at CAU Kiel. Since daily lab life and my research project really suited me, biochemistry and life sciences were on top of my prospective major field of study when I left school. Nonetheless, the thought of working with cells and pipettes all day never completely convinced me. So one day, on a lonely walkway in New Zealand the idea of becoming a physician was planted into my head; and after doing a health care internship (“Krankenpflegepraktikum”) and watching surgery for the first time I decided to go for medicine as it would still provide me with the opportunity to get involved with science sooner or later. 

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

Having chosen medicine over biochemistry initially, I hoped to still get a good insight into science by writing an experimental medical thesis. I wanted it to be a quite demanding topic which would require a year off from university in order to learn how to work in a laboratory properly. IKMB Kiel offered the kind of projects I was looking for, so I started my first experiments in March 2016, and I still love working there. When my thesis year was over I continued as a student assistant, and now I have applied for the RTG scholarship in order to stay even longer. Considering the length and complexity of my project I thought it was about time to start connecting - not only with scientists from IKMB, but also with those from other institutes and research areas. Exchange of information, expertise, helpful hints and tricks, combined with the offered workshops, should provide me with extended knowledge and skills for my future tasks.