Mareike Witte

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Institute of Experimental Dermatology (LIED), University of Lübeck
Dr. med.
Mareike Witte
mareike.witte [at]
+49 (0) 451 / 500 - 41 682

Why this profession?

I have a passion for science because it gives the opportunity to explore, to be a life-long learner and a curious interrogator of data. During medical school, I started doing research in the field of genetics and inflammation at the Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology, where I worked on autoimmune skin blistering diseases for my medical thesis. I was so fascinated by this field that I continued doing research after having finished my thesis. Combining medicine and science gives me the chance to gain a better understanding of inflammatory diseases and contribute to the era of personalized medicine. Working with patients inspires me in my research and vice versa.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

The RTG 1743 provides a unique environment for young researchers to grow and for more advanced researchers to exchange ideas, collaborate with specialists from different scientific fields and discuss about their projects. These features provide an excellent basis for high impact research.