Shoba Ranganathan

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Chair of Bioinformatics, MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY Sydney, Australia
Research Area:
Bioinformatics, computation biology, computational chemistry
Prof. Dr.
Shoba Ranganathan
shoba.ranganathan [at]
+61 2 9850 6262
Researcher ID: C-1196-2009

Why this profession?

After a PhD in Computational Chemistry, I was keen on applying my knowledge and skills to address biological and health-related problems. To this end, my post-doctoral researches were in Theoretical Biochemistry (the forerunner of today’s Bioinformatics) at the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris, France, followed by a Research Associateship at the University of New Orleans, USA. After academic teaching positions in India including running a Bioinformatics Centre, I moved to Australia to continue research in Bioinformatics. In 2000, I set up the Post-graduate Program in Bioinformatics at the National University of Singapore, returning to Australia in 2004, as the first Chair of Bioinformatics at Macquarie University.

So, what is bioinformatics? It is at the confluence of biology and computing. It is an often overlooked but absolutely vital enabling science. It provides powerful computational tools to analyse the vast amounts of data generated from technologies such as genomics, proteomics and systems biology. Bioinformatics aims to transform our comprehensive understanding of biological data from humans and other organisms into useful technologies.

My main interests are the development of bioinformatics methods to understand protein interfaces from structural complexes, predict immunogenic T cell epitopes for immunotherapy and integrate data from genomic, transcriptomic, epigenetic and proteomic data to identify candidate disease biomarkers.