Simon Imm

Consolidated Researcher Details:

Why this profession?

From a young age I developed an enthusiasm for rational thinking and problem solving. Whilst in school, I established a passion for the sciences and my aspirations turned to the scientific field. Upon gaining an insight into clinical life, it was clear that I wanted to become a medical professional. I started studying medicine in Kiel in October 2016. During my preclinical studies, my excitement for scientific works and experiments was further embedded by the practical work. Being faced with many diseases, whose pathomechanisms remain largely unknown, I was glad to commence an experimental doctoral thesis in Prof. Rosenstiel’s group at the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology and to be a part of the fundamental research around inflammatory bowel diseases, aiming to better understand and treat these conditions.

Why RTG Genes, Environment and Inflammation?

As a doctoral researcher, the Research Training Group Genes, Environment and Inflammation provides an ideal introduction to the international research field, enabling me to promote my research and academic education by working and exchanging with scientist at the top of the field. Furthermore, working with ambitious and experienced scientist enables me to benefit from others’ expertise whilst learning and mastering scientific methods, that go far beyond the scope of normal medical studies.