Gender Equality / Diversity

The universities of Kiel and Lübeck have a very strong and committed interest in promoting female scientists. They have established family-friendly conditions for studying, teaching and research. Special funding for these purposes will be used by the Research Training Group to offer courses and training sessions in transferrable skills, and we will support scientists to nadle both their scientific work as well as their family obligations.

For all questions concerning gender equality within the RTG please contact

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Karina Reiß
Phone: +49 431 / 500 - 21 330
Email: kreiss [at]

Course offers specially designed for the members of the RTG: click here

Kiel University
Head of the Central Office for Gender Equality, Diversity & Family
Dr. Iris Werner
Phone: +49 4 31 / 880 - 16 51
iwerner [at]

Lübeck University
Head, Department of Equal Opportunities & Family
Dr. Solveig Simonwitsch
Phone: +49 4 51 / 31 01 - 12 20
solveig.simowitsch [at]


DFG Chancengleichheit

DFG - Relevanz von Geschlecht und Vielfältigkeit in der Forschung