Gender Equality / Diversity

The universities of Kiel and Lübeck have a very strong and committed interest in promoting female scientists. They have established family-friendly conditions for studying, teaching and research. Special funding for these purposes will be used by the Research Training Group to offer courses and training sessions in transferrable skills, and we will support scientists to nadle both their scientific work as well as their family obligations.

For all questions concerning gender equality within the RTG please contact

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Karina Reiß
Phone: +49 431 / 500 - 21 330
Email: kreiss [at]

Course offers specially designed for the members of the RTG: click here


DFG Women in Science Network Conference 2018 "Decision making in Infection and Immunity"
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster, Germany
November 26 –27, 2018


Kiel University CAU

Equality counselling service
PD Dr. Iris Werner
Phone: +49 431/  880 – 16 51
Email: iwerner [at]

Diversity counselling service
Sandra Elstner
Phone: +49 431 / 880 - 70 00
Email: selstner [at]

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Dean’s office Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:
Equality counselling service

Family Service CAU

via:mento - mentoring programme of Kiel University for female scientists


Lübeck University

Equality counselling service
Dr. Solveig Simowitsch
Phone: +49 451 / 500 – 36 19
Email:  simowitsch [at] (simowitsch(at)zuv.uni-luebeck(dot)de)

Family, Gender Equality and Diversity

For doctoral researchers from Lübeck University whose projects are also related to the DZIF German Center for Infection Research there might be the possibility to apply for maternity leave stipends. Please check the webpage and talk as well to your PI as to the contact person at the DZIF.


The Cluster of Excellence Inflammation at Interfaces offers funding for (Post)Docs in specific living conditions within the family and provides information about external funding opportunities for female scientists.

Gender Dimension in Research - video created by the European Union EU - Marie Sklodowska Curie


Online trainings for gender-sensitive health research of the Canadian Institute of Gender and Health:

  • Sex and Gender in Biomedical Research

  • Sex and Gender in Primary Data Collection with Humans

  • Sex and Gender in the Analysis of Data from Human Participants