Second International RTG Symposium Genes, Environment and Inflammation - Declaration Of Consent

Declaration of Consent to Data Processing
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Research Training Group

genes, environment, inflammation

Within this Research Training Group we will study the environmental influences responsible for the development of complex, chronic diseases. Moreover, we will systematically examine the previously understudied interplay between the (micro)-environment and predisposing genetic factors...

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The scientists in the Research Training Group (RTG) want to find out

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  • how the non-genetical schemes in the cell change during the development of chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • how diet influences the development of inflammatory diseases;
  • new statistical and bioinformatical ways to express research results.


a team of young and innovative scientists who are experts in the fields of:

  • molecular biology
  • human genetics
  • immunology
  • bioinformatics
  • biochemistry
  • microbiology
  • epidemiology
  • statistics.

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The purpose of the structured doctoral student programme is to:

  • enable young scientists to obtain their doctoral degree within three years;
  • qualify doctoral students for postdoctoral work;
  • impart interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • promote postgraduate students' transferrable skills.

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Latest News

8 Jun, 2018
2. International RTG Symposium - registration is open!


 7 - 8 June, 2018

Center of Molecular Bio Sciences (ZMB), Am Botanischen Garten 11, Kiel, Germany


During the RTG's International Symposium in Kiel, scientists and RTG members discuss the latest insights into the interactions between genes, environment and inflammation.

7 June, Science Day - confirmed speakers:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Horn, Microbial Symbioses, University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Dr. Vaidutis Kucinskas, Human and Medical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania
Prof. Dr. Gioacchino Natoli, Biochemistry, Humanitas University of Milan, Italy
Prof. Dr. Sören Buus, Experimental Immunology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Jun Sun, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Illinois in Chicago, USA
Prof. Dr. Michael Simpson, Genomic Medicine, King's College of London, UK
Prof. Dr. Robert Semple, Translational Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK

8 June, Career Day - Career paths outside academia:

Talks & Discussion
Confirmed until now:
Dr.rer.nat. Markus Cavalar, Euroimmun AG - Head of Molecular Infection Diagnostics
Nadine Sydow, Schnexagon© - From bench to business

Academia or Industry - Pros & Cons - Panel discussion

Workshops (separate registration required)
Writing a CV and cover letter, interpreting job ads
Job interview and salary...

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