Please note that after having successfully passed the doctoral programme and the graduation you will be awarded the Dr. rer. nat. by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Kiel University resp. the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Lübeck.

Of course, the main part of your doctorate will consist of scientific work. Besides this, the following compulsory elements complete your doctoral education at the RTG:

  • regular meetings with your supervisor(s);
  • regular meetings with all members of the RTG. These meetings are organized by the doctoral students.
  • subject specific training depending on the individual needs of the doctoral student;
  • soft skills training.


Below you find more general information about the doctorate in a DFG Research Training Group as well as information concerning organizational aspects at the universities in Kiel and Lübeck.



Dean’s office Math.-Nat. Christian-Abrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU):


Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel (CAU) – Graduate Center:


The General Students’ Committee (AStA) of Kiel University supports doctoral candidates and students who are interested in doing their PhD. Therefore, in collaboration with the Doctoral Candidates’ Representation of the Graduate Center, the AStA offers a free advisory service for you. Every Tuesday from 1:00 pm, the Asta offers the free advisory service concerning your questions on the doctorate. Please register for an appointment: promovierende [at]



Universität zu Lübeck (UzL)

The Graduierungs Service of Lübeck University offers services and trainings for the doctoral students in Lübeck. Please register online and mind the requirements for the doctorate.


Promotionen der MINT Sektionen 
Informatik | Technik, Naturwissenschaften

Please register at the office right at the beginning. Appr. 6 months before the delivery of your doctoral thesis talk to Ms Markmann and make sure to get to know all deadlines and formalities you have to stick to.

MINT Büro | Universität zu Lübeck
Ms. Markmann
Ratzeburger Allee 160
23562 Lübeck
Tel: +49 451 500 – 3005
Fax: +49 451 500 – 3364
email: mint-buero(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de

Further information (sorry in German only)