Second International RTG Symposium Genes, Environment and Inflammation - Declaration Of Consent

Declaration of Consent to Data Processing
1. You would like to register online for the RTG 1743 Symposium 2018. By registering on the RTG website/News/2nd Symposium ( ) you are indicating your interest in attend-ing the RTG 1743 Symposium 2018.
One of our primary concerns is to protect your personal data. Personal data gained from your registra-tion shall only be collected, processed and used by RTG 1743 for the purpose of storing, evaluating, assigning and transferring it within the scope of the registration process. Research Training Group No. 1743 is attached to the office of the spokesperson, Professor Dr. Andre Franke, at the Institute of Clini-cal Molecular Biology (IKMB), University Medical Centre of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel Campus. This is where the data is processed and used solely for the registration process, as described in this Declara-tion of Consent. In accordance with the legal regulations of the Federal German Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz/BDSG] this data is handled in strict confidence.
Your personal data shall be passed on to the office of the spokesperson for RTG 1743 as well as the coordinators of the symposium.
2. This website uses HTTP cookies to ensure that only the person who has logged into the account with the corresponding user ID has access to the data linked to this account. These cookies do not have a defined expiry date and, in accordance with Section 5.3 of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) RFC 6265, a cookie will automatically be deleted when the browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer or other) is closed.
Should you continue to use the browser but no longer require access to the registration data, you should log off from the RTG 1743 page. This is especially important if you are editing the registration from a publicly accessible computer.
3. RTG 1743 shall take all of the appropriate steps to ensure that your registration is handled fully and carefully. To do so, however, your registration data must be current, true and complete; it must be nei-ther incomplete, misleading nor deceptive. Should you provide us with exceptionally personal data (Section 3(9) BDSG) such as your gender, marital status or religion, this information shall be passed on, processed and used analogue to the information set out above. Please inform us immediately in writing of any changes in your registration data (contact details are given below).
4. Anonymized data shall be passed on upon request for statistical purposes to the funding provider, the German Research Foundation [Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/DFG].
5. You have the right to view the data that has been saved in your name at any time. When you send your registration, you also give your consent to have your data processed electronically. You may re-voke this consent at any time and either delete your data yourself or have it deleted. However, we must point out that, in this case, your registration has to be cancelled.
6. If you do not initiate the process of deleting your data it will remain stored after the conclusion of the regsitration process for a maximum period of one year for statistical purposes (see pt. 4).
7. By clicking on the button “Yes, I agree” to the declaration of consent you give your consent to have your data processed in accordance with the aforementioned conditions. Your consent to have your data processed shall be recorded.
8. Should you have any questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal data or should you request information or request that your data be corrected, locked or deleted, the office of the spokesperson for RTG 1743 shall be pleased to deal with this. They can be reached by e-mail at rtg1743 [at] You can also contact them by post at:
RTG 1743
c/o Institut für Klinische Molekularbiologie
Am Botanischen Garten 11
24118 Kiel